• ATIF Year VI

    One week shy of ATIF’s fifth anniversary, the Board announced the appointment of an Interim Board to lead the Association in 2015.

    Giovanna Lester and Daniela Guanipa will take the helm of ATIF from January 1 through December 31, assisted by Maria Mallarino, Emmy Prieto, Dianna McCrary, Sylvia Korwek and Carmen Sáenz. You can learn more about our new Board by visiting our website (www.atifonline.org), under About/Board.

    The Interim Board was appointed to get ATIF ready for this year's elections, lead the organization back to its original Business Plan by aligning its growth, market reality and membership expectations, to receive the 56th ATA Annual Conference in style, among other things. The Interim Board has a one year term. Its members are veterans, former board members, as well as new individuals. The mix is intended to ensure continuity and insert new perspectives into our work.

    We believe in ATIF. We count on your vote of confidence and support of our Interim Board. ATIF’s commitment to its membership is reflected in the actions we take to ensure that the best interest of the members remains our main focus.

    ATIF Interim Board

  • Int’l Medical Interpreters Association & ATIF

    "It is great for Florida.

    I hope that the IMIA and ATIF can work side by side in a collaborative way so that each promote each other's work and IMIA can serve as a resource to ATIF members that specialize in medical interpreting just as ATIF can serve as a resource to IMIA Florida members that want to broaden their horizons. Our call will be for all our FL members to support and join the only state association ATIF and we hope that ATIF will encourage their medical interpreter members to join IMIA which is the only national trade association for medical interpreters."

    Izabel Arocha, IMIA President, February 2010

  • Florida Int’l University & ATIF

    "Be advised that Florida International University, through its T&I Program, recognizes, endorses, supports, and commends ATIF and its devoted volunteers for their continuing effort in assuring that our profession continues to have much-needed organizational representation."

    Eric Camayd-Freixas, FIU Modern Languages Department, December 2009

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School of Modern Languages-FIU Linguistics course

A very interesting language course is set for the Fall,   organized and dictated by Maria Juana Cazabón at the School of Modern Languages, FIU. Here I am sending you the particulars:
“SPT-4813 is an introductory course in comparative linguistic analysis. It provides a comprehensive review of the grammatical, lexical and phonetic systems of both English and Spanish. The main classroom language is Spanish, with as much recourse to English as the subject requires. A basic theoretical framework will provide an outline of the principles of modern linguistic science and of the origin, relationship, classification and historical development of both languages. The grammatical and lexical analysis is designed to bring out the distinctive features of the Spanish language and compare them to the English forms that typically interfere in the Spanish of bilingual speakers. Contrasting spelling rules and typographical conventions will be emphasized in the discussion of the written language. The accepted Spanish usage, both educated and colloquial, that prevails in the South Florida community will be recognized as the standard throughout the discussions.”
For more information visit the School of Modern Languages site:
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